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Continue to power Thai and Myanmar societies beyond 2020

To counter the declining production of our main field, our project team has been working to extend our offshore production facilities. The project completion will support the future energy needs of our customers and help them to bring electricity to their population.

New facilities to extend our gas production

The gas produced on our offshore platform meets half of Myanmar’s demand and supplies about 12% of the gas consumed in neighboring Thailand. While the countries are developing and moving forward, their energy needs are increasing. But production from our field, exploited since 1998, is at risk of declining.

As the operator of the block TotalEnergies initiated in 2013 the $750 million project LCP-Badamyar, piloted by the affiliate and with the support of teams dispatched through Asia, it aims to solve the declining production of the field. By extending the current production beyond 2020 we will continue to support the energy needs of our Thai and Myanmar customers.  

Race against the monsoon

Offshore, work can only take place outside of the monsoon season between mid-May and mid-October.  A fast track development was the only way to be on time to deliver in only two offshore campaigns. The first one dedicated to the installation of a wellhead platform ready for drilling. The second one aimed at having new gas compression facilities ready to start up.

The project team dispatched throughout Asia has successfully installed in April 2016 the Badamyar facilities brought from South Korea in record time. This was the pre-requisite for the drilling to start as planned in November 2016. The low compression platform topsides have sailed away on time from Hyundai Heavy Industry yards. They have been  installed by Sapura Acergy at end of December 2016/ beginning 2017. The challenge now is to complete the project safely and launch the production by April 2017, before the next monsoon.

Interview with Olivier Saincry, LCP Badamyar project leader

“So far, the main milestones have been completed safely and on time. The next important step is the main shutdown for hook up of the new facilities to the existing ones.  We need to agree with our clients when we stop the production. When there is no gas, they cannot produce any electricity further on and it has a direct impact in Thailand and in Myanmar. But once this is completed we will be able to produce longer and supply energy to our customers beyond 2020.”


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