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U Aung Naing

U Aung Naing, HR & Administration Manager

U Aung Naing

U Aung Naing joined TotalEnergies EP Myanmar in 2000. After 16 years of experience with Contracts & Procurement discipline both in Myanmar and abroad, he recently took the position of HR & Administration manager. He is now dedicated to develop TotalEnergies’ most valuable asset: our people.

Tell us more about your career with TotalEnergies:

After more than three years with Schlumberger, I joined TotalEnergies EP Myanmar in 2000 as a Procurement Officer. Initially responsible for the purchase of production spare parts, I gained seniority and in 2009, I was assigned to Nigeria as Contract Specialist. It was really an eye-opener for me. Immersed in a new environment, I sharpened my collaboration skills and enriched my experience of being part of a big affiliate. In 2011, I took my first management position as Head of Contracts when I moved to Brunei.
I came back in Myanmar in 2013 to assume the position of Contracts & Procurement Manager. Since September 2016, I am HR & Administration Manager of the affiliate and I am now fully dedicated to foster and develop our people.

What are the keys for developing a successful career life?

I believe that knowing yourself and others are the first steps to build your career. Luckily with TotalEnergies, I could totally adhere to my personal values and reflect them in my professional life.  It is also important to remain reasonable and enthusiastic for all the continuous learning opportunities that will come to you. For that, a positive attitude and a genuine good will toward your job are essential. I think that these are the keys to create a happy work environment which will eventually lead to a successful career life.

How are you contributing to a Better Energy?

In our Contracts & Procurement activities, we ensure that all our suppliers are compliant with TotalEnergies’ Health, Safety, Security, Sustainable Development and Environment (HS3E) values. We also check that our suppliers follow our stringent ethical rules and respect for Human Rights. By pushing all our stakeholders to adopt the best business practices as per TotalEnergies’ standards, I think that we contribute to make the Energy sector better.
Similarly, my present role as a HR professional is extremely important in recruiting, training and developing motivated employees which are our most valuable assets. I am very much convinced that each and every one of our staff is contributing to our commitment to better energy. It is like taking part in an opera; to be successful as a team, we all have to know our role and perform our best.

I believe that knowing yourself and others are the first steps to build your career.

Short Resume


2016 - to this date

Human Resource & Administration Manager, TotalEnergies EP Myanmar


2013 - 2016

Contracts & Procurement Manager, Total E&P Myanmar


2011 - 2013

Head of Contracts, Total E&P Borneo


2009 - 2011

Contract Specialist, Total Upstream Nigeria


2000 - 2009

Procurement Officer to Senior Contract Engineer, Total E&P Myanmar